Poetry of Kansas


0 sad Pompeii!
0 dead Pompeii!
Silent are thy streets;
Heavy is thy winding sheet of ashes.
In the old time the sky was blue above
Thou hast been happy with the play of
Hast feasted, and been gay with dance and
          Each has his buried city,
You yours, I mine; its streets have echoed
The merry tread of many dear companions.
There we have played and talked and
          prayed together;
There we have lived and loved together.
Deserted are its streets, and dark, and
Hot tears have I poured over it like lava;
Like ashes fall the gray years thick above
Silent is it and dead.
0 sad Pompeii!
0 dear Pompeii!
___Arthur Graves Canfield
Selected by Arthur Richmond Marsh
(Lawrence: Journal Publishing Co. 1888)
Page 45
April 10, 2004 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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