Poetry of Kansas

Flower and Song

I dug a little flower
    From out the forest-shade,
And set it in my garden
    Where light and sunshine played.
I went to watch it daily,
    I tended it with care,
And Said: "With this no other
    Shall ever dare compare."
And yet it slowly withered
    Beneath the cheerful sun,
And died there in my garden
    Before a week was done.
I took a little fancy
    From out my tangled brain,
And set it to the music
    Of an old-time, sweet refrain.
I decked in out in figures,
    I nursed it with fine words,
And said: "My little songlet
    Shall be sung by all the birds."
Its spirit waned and vanished
    Beneath its wordy weight,
And it died with all its music,
    And met the flower's fate.
___William Herbert Carruth
Selected by Arthur Richmond Marsh
(Lawrence: Journal Publishing Co. 1888)
Page 115
April 11, 2004 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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