Poetry of Kansas

To Lawrence

Darkness bathed the town in peace serene.
    The stars grew dim with dawn's first light.
Day came creeping down upon the scene.
    It was no longer night.
    Hark! There sounds the champ of steeds!
    A motley band stands just beyond the hill;
    Their faces glow with Hell's most fiendish deeds;
    A demon leads them___in Quantrill___
    Upon Lawrence, City of Sacrifice!
The leader gave the signal and they came!
    The town awoke to the inferno's din!
Bullets spat like hard, wind-driven rain!
    The victims had no chance nor hope to win!
    Behold acts of hatred without shame!
    Men, women, children, lying in their blood!
    Wreck, robbery, ruin, consuming flame,
    Let loose in one fierce flood
          Upon Lawrence, Stricken, Bleeding City!
Obstacles we surmount and rise above.
    Fate has a way of juggling things sublime.
The city of Lawrence we respect and love;
    It was the foundation of our freedom's shrine.
    The seat of knowledge is Mt. Oread,
    A regal city spreads beneath her crown;
    Men, women, breaking wisdom's bread,
    Go out to spread her beauty and renown___
          From Lawrence, Stately City of Kansas.

Stanzas For Kansas
Leonard Allen Prowant
(Wichita, Kansas: __. 1937) Page 45

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