Poetry of Kansas

The Phantom Herd

Oft' in the breeze I seem to hear
      The thudding stamp of hoofbeats clear
The Shaggy Legions deafening din,
      Resounding mildly in the wind.
I turn my retrospective eye
      A-down the years, and there descry
A spreading continent's greatest plain
      With mighty herds that on it reign.
Urged by the season's bi-annual change
      Those scattering herds upon the range
Group into one; and venture forth,
      As to the season, south or north.
Within my mind they seem a most
      Monstrous, formidable, innumerable host
Living billows which constantly roll
      Across plain, valley, hill, and knoll.
This freedom-loving, roaming breed
      Fell-sacrificed to white man's greed
Yet oft' in the wind I seem to hear
      Their haunting hoofbeats passing near.

Stanzas For Kansas
Leonard Allen Prowant
(Wichita, Kansas: __. 1937) Page 19

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