Poetry of Kansas

The Healing Hills

I came in contact with unscrupulous men--
Wolves in sheep's clothing I did not see--
They got me where they wanted me and then
Ah, what the rascals didn't do to me!
      Yet I went back into the hills,
      And I came forth healed.
If life should strike you heavily in some wise,
So that looking you knew hardly what to do;
I feel able from experience to advise,
And I give it just as free as air to you:
      Just go back into the hills,
      And you'll come forth healed.
There is something very restful in Nature's realm,
You observe how really little is mere man;
Then beneath some shady, soothing tree of elm
You can resurrect and reconstruct life's plan;
      Then you'll leave the hills
      And come forth healed.

Stanzas For Kansas
Leonard Allen Prowant
(Wichita, Kansas: __. 1937) Page 20

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