Poetry of Kansas

The Sensitive Plant.

Recoiling from the touch
Of him who seeks too much,
A dainty thing thou art,
Whose sweetness seems a part
Of all that round thee grows;
More subtle than the rose,
Thy faint perfume scarce fills
The lambent air, yet thrills
Like nectar, till one feels
Thy shyness half conceals
A deeper ecstacy
Than e'er he dreamed to be.
The islands of the sea
That richly laden be
With redolence__not they,
Nor yet the far Cathay,
Nor orange orchard's bloom,
Surpass thy sweet perfume:
A type of some fine soul
Thou seem'st, that from the whole
Rude world doth safely keep
Its inmost secret deep,
And yet, that hath the power
To touch us as a flower.
___W. C. Campbell
Kansas In Literature
(Topeka: Crane & Company. 1900)
page 98
November 14, 2001 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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