Poetry of Kansas

The Smile

"Fares Godward with a smile"
In his big arm chair,
With the sunshine kissing
His silvery hair;
His old hands folded
Across his breast
Over the book,
That he loved the best.

We found him asleep
Mid the falling leaves,
And the sparrows twittering
Under the eaves;
And the smile on his face
Did surely tell,
Those left behind,
That all was well.
We laid him to sleep
In the autumn's glow,
Beneath the knoll
Where the chestnuts grow;
And as he went down
In the grave's eclipse,
We thanked our God
For the smile on his lips.

__Louisa Cooke Don-Carlos.

Dear Things And Queer Things
Louisa Cooke Don-Carlos
(Lawrence: The World Company. 1934)
Page 14

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