Poetry of Kansas


Sing a song for Kansas,
      The noble western state;
Whose noble sons and daughters
      Are toiling soon and late;
No "he-haw" quartet needed
      To swell the anthem grand,
But a chorus of honest singers
      To sing it o'er the land.
Bring instruments of music,
      Of every style or name;
To help to swell the chorus
      That tells about Kansas fame;
Sing all of her prairies broad,
      Perfumed by prairie flowers,
Where my childish feet have trod
      In happiness for hours.
Sing all about her stormy storms
   And of her wettest wet;
And sing about her drouthy drouths
      That people ne'er forget;
Sing of her strong and windy winds,
      And of her dryest dry,
Of clear and bracing atmosphere,
      And bluest blue of sky.
And of the winter's coldest cold
      With all its snowy snow;
When skating, coasting, sliding,
      And sleighing's all the go.
Sing of the summer's hottest hot
      Her scenes of verdure rare,
When fields of corn and wheat and oats
      Are growing everywhere.
Sing of her high and hilly hills,
      Her hollow's lowest low;
Where grow the sturdiest sturdy oaks,
      And happy streamlets flow:
Sing of all that Kansas docs,
      In heavy crops and small,
No matter what she tries to do,
      In each she beats them all.
Sing all about the meadow larks
      That build amid her grasses;
Of sunsets so Italian,
      Of bonnie lads and lassies.
My infant feet her prairies pressed
      Among her waving corn,
And oh, I love them better
      Than the land where I was born.
Sing of her mighty Congressmen,
      That stand forth in the land;
In halls of learned statesmen,
      With principles so grand.
And when you sing, please let the words
      So plain and clearly ring,
That everyone may understand
      The praises that you sing.

__Mrs G. M. Hoad.

Poets and Poetry of Kansas
Edited by Thomas W. Herringshaw
(Chicago: American Publishers' Association. 1894)
Page 195

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