Poetry of Kansas

The Cow-Boy.

Ho, for the cow-boy,
        Brimming o'er with glee,
As merry as the larks
        With their glad tut-i-lee;
Upon his little pony,
        Swift as any deer;
Everything within is peace,
        He has no cause of fear.
Ho, for the cow-boy,
        Gliding to and fro,
Skimming o'er the prairie
        Swifter than the crow.,
After the rabbit,
        After the quail;
Running, chasing, driving,
        Through sunshine, rain or hail.
Ho, for the cow-boy,
        Sailing through the air,
Keeping watch o' er all
        Entrusted to his care.
No millionaire so light,
        No musician half so gay;
For he, when in the saddle,
        Can ride all care away.
Ho, for the cow-boy,
        When for home he goes;
His cot's of freshest hay,
        Yet slumbers sound, he knows.
What a life of healthy pleasure,
        Of enjoyment full and free; So
I, a cow-boy henceforth,
        Would fain forever be.

__James Wilkinson.

Hours in Dreamland
James Wilkinson
(Buffalo: The Peter Paul Book Company. 1896)
Pages 98-99

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