Poetry of Kansas

My Kansas Home

On the plains of Western Kansas
Where the buffalo used to roam
I took root and grew there
And claim it as my home.
Pastures spread for miles around
The cows come home at dusk
Moseying by the corn field
Where lay the empty husks.
The sunset paints the colors
So radiant in the sky
Before the darkness curtains
And quietness rests nearby.
He carries pails of milk
Walking towards their abode.
There will be a spread
Of garden crops he's hoed.
She'll have fresh-baked bread
And butter and honey, too.
Striped bib overalls,
And chambray shirt in view.
The dim kerosene lamp
Casts a ray upon the meal.
They'll gather round the table,
But in their hearts they'll kneel.
__Joyce Roberts Lott
© 2000
Used by permission
August 12, 2001 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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