Poetry of Kansas

Old Twenty Per Cent.

Old Twenty Per Cent.
Had much money lent,
And 'twas his delight
Far into the night
Beside his old trunk
To lie on a bunk
Of blankets and straw,
To hear his notes draw.
He hears not the song
Borne sweetly along
Of night bird near by,
Or its mate's low reply;
No sounds are so sweet
In woodland or street
As the music that floats
From twenty per cent notes.
No sunset's bright bars
Does he love, or the stars;
He sees not the moon
Rising high at night's noon,
Like a shepherdess fair
Herding cloud flocks in air;
His eye is intent
On twenty per cent.
The charm of a flower
Hath no hidden power
O'er his spirit to win
One emotion within
Of ecstatic delight.
Marred and dim is his sight
By a mind only bent
On twenty per cent.
As he clutches his gold
With hands thin and cold
A visitor comes
Like a ghost from the tombs,
And carries him where,
I know not, nor care;
His debtors all fix
His home on the Styx.
__J. M. Cavaness.

Jayhawker Juleps
J. M. Cavaness
(Chanute: Tribune Pub. Co. 1913)
Page 50

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