Poetry of Kansas

Let Me Forget

As I traverse old memory's halls,
Unpleasant things my mind recalls;
My vision fills with floating motes,
Vexatious bills, pestiferous notes,
Loss after loss, and little gain,
With meager sunshine, plenty of rain
Life's fuss and furor, pain and sweat
Let me forget. Let me forget.
The days when I was rudely yanked,
And with stern vigor sorely spanked,
By that irascible school marm
With flashing eye and mighty arm,
Who taught with eye and hand and foot
The youn idea how to shoot,--
Those days are gone without regret;
Let me forget. Let me forget.
The lovely girl with auburn hair,
Within whose meshes as a snare,
My willing heart was caught and held
A prisoner, In the days of eld;
0 deeply into love I fell
With this most fair but false dam-sell.
This episode I now regret ;
Let me forget. Let me forget.
The times when I was In distress
Because of hate and selfishness,
And frequently was in the toils
Of Shylocks, shysters, agues, bolls;
When I was green, and often blue,
And friends once cherished proved untrue,
And trials sore my life beset--
Let me forget. Let me forget.
O should I be so fortunate,
And some day pass the pearly gate,
And reach the land of love and light,
The woes of earth, Its gloom, its night,
Its follies, fashions, fevers, fakes,
Its bitter pills, and pains and aches,
And tears that oft my eyelids wet,
Let me forget. Let me forget.

Jayhawker Juleps
J. M. Cavaness
(Chanute: Tribune Pub. Co. 1913)
Page 11

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