Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


And here, in Kansas, we shall raise 
    The statue of undying fame. 
    With sculptured art, we shall proclaim 
    The fond memorial of his name, 
Which thus shall stand and speak his praise. 
The man__the sword__the Hydra slain__
    The hand outstretched to greet 
    The needy one__the face replete
    With love__and, underneath his feet,
The broken links of Slavery's chain. 
Bright star of Kansas! Now thy place 
    Is fixed: a brilliant central gem, 
    In Columbia's diadem; 
    Which, like the star of Bethlehem, 
Points out a savior of the race. 
O Slavery! dire, enraged; if you 
    Are doomed, what serves to now rebel ? 
    What serves the powers that wait on hell ? 
    You sent the shaft when Sumpter fell, 
Which on recoil, shall pierce you through, 
__From "The Song of Kansas."    
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