Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Then came John Brown close On his path, 
    And boldly passing to his den 
    Him struck an awful blow, and when 
    The shackles broke and fell from men 
He writhed and roared in demon's wrath. 
Eleven slaves are now set free__
    A kindly stroke for those who fell__
    A just and righteous parallel__
    Their freedom won, and strange to tell, 
Kansas has gained her liberty. 
Not on far Afric's burning sand, 
    When age on age has come and gone, 
    And people searching in the throng 
    Which passing centuries prolong, 
Ask for some hero proud and grand, 
The theme for master sculptor's hand 
    Whose ancient glory and renown 
    The waiting multitude shall crown, 
    Will there remote appear John Brown; 
But will be found in every land 
His glory heralded by seers 
    In marble cut; by poet sung; 
    And his rude image shall be hung 
    Round the charmed neck, and every tongue 
Shall praise him as the saint of years.   
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