Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Though footsteps of loved ones may thrill us with pleasure, 
    And gladden the hearts that are sore, 
Our spirits more fondly the memory treasure 
    Of the step that shall thrill us no more. 
Though sweet are the tones of the tender affection 
    That cheer the sad spirits they thrill, 
Yet sweet through our souls rings the dear recollection 
    Of the tones of the voice that is still. 
Though fragrant the perfume of flowers we have gathered 
    From gardens of pleasure or love, 
Oh! sweeter the fragrance of flowers that have withered 
    But to bloom in the gardens above. 
Oh! tender the song that the birdling is singing 
    Of melody filling the air; 
But sweeter, the music through memory ringing 
    Of a joy that has changed to despair!   
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