Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Ah ! priceless and placeless that mother that left 
Alone and defenseless that daughter bereft ! 
In hour, of affliction, in seasons of care, 
When burdens grow heavy__too heavy to bear,
Oh, where, in that season of sorrow, can go 
The heart that is tempted to yield to its woe ? 
Save God's, there's no strength 'mid the world's busy whirl 
To shield and to shelter a motherless girl! 
Though far she may stray from,the ways of her youth, 
From Purity's path, from sweet Virtue and Truth, 
Though sin may take from her the flower of her fame, 
And plant in its place the hot blister of shame, 
Yet God, in his mercy, writes after her name, 
In the book of her guilt and the record of blame 
Till the Judgment the tear-blotted record unfurl, 
This token of pardon: "A MOTHERLESS GIRL." 
AN act of wrong had steeled my wounded heart, 
    Whose trusting faith had been betrayed 
    By him on whom that trusting faith was staid; 
And fierce resentment ruled the better part 
That cried, "Forgive !" With firm, relentless hand, 
    That drew its angry strength from trampled pride, 
I reared a high, enduring stone, to stand 
    Throughout the passing years; and on its side   
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