Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

Frank A. Marshall

OH, why cannot mothers look down from. above, 
And shelter and shield with their infinite love 
The orphaned and desolate left on the earth, 
Too lately esteeming and knowing their worth? 
If Heaven e'er Weeps at a sight that is sad, 
A sight that would render its gladness less glad, 
'T is when, in the roar of the world's busy whirl, 
It weeps at the sight of a motherless girl! 
No love, of a father, tho' tender and warm, 
Can shelter and shield from the world's heating storm. 
What touch is so tender, what voice is so dear__
The touch and the tones of the one we revere? 
What hand can smooth for us the pillow of care, 
And pluck from our pathway the thorns that grow there? 
God pity and guide, in the world's busy whirl, 
That orphan of orphans__a motherless girl!
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