Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


And our loved and lost ones linger by the waters cool and 
Till forgotten all the bondage that enslaves life's purpose 
Failure and only failure, 
    Each step of the crooked way, 
And the wrecks__ I dare not count them__
    On the shore of every day, 
Though the mist seemed, shaped as goblins, 
    In the moon's uncanny light, 
As I glance with a touch of heart ache, 
    O'er the backward paths to-night, 
Failure and only failure, 
    Over and over again__
With my high resolves dismembered, 
    And lost on the reckless main. 
And the words I should have spoken, 
    And the deeds I should have done, 
Confront me at every gateway, 
    In the new paths just begun. 
I have said that my fields should blossom__
    The fields I had thickly sown 
With seeds of a noble promise; 
    But a Wind, from some cloud outblown,   
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