Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Through the gates of the unreal, on whose rare and radiant 
Flash unnumbered shades of beauty, fair as Eden ever wore. 
And our lost loves walk and wander, by the. waters cool and 
Till forgotten how the passions sweep their sorrow tempests 
Come to me invisible charmer! from the shadows come 
      to me! 
Night's dull silences are throbbing from the mountain to the 
Flower and leaf nod tremulously to the wind's low lullaby; 
Bird and bee, their Wings have folded__sweetly restful all
      but I. 
Summer woods have ceased their waltzing__hushed and
      slumbrous all the land; 
Only elfins dance and dally o'er the moon-bedizzened sand. 
Through the dim and dewy midnight, coy enchanter, steal to 
Steal from out thy mystic hiding, whether cloud or wave 
      it be; 
Whether weird and witching moonbeam, or the vapor on 
      the hill, 
In thy chaste embrace enfold me, that my spirit:roam at will. 
Where but blooms immortal brighter o'er some rare and ra- 
      diant shore, 
And, from lute of unseen minstrel, music quiver evermore;   
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