Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

Phillip Krohn.
NIGHT'S dull silences are throbbing, from the mountain to 
      the sea, 
Thou hast lulled a world's wild tumult, yet thou comest not 
      to me. 
Lightly on my evening pillow, whitely on my tired hand, 
Creeps a,wandering wave of moonrise, ere it burnish all the 
From the purple-hooded midnight star eyes languish into 
With the dew of tender memories dripping all their down- 
      ward shine. 
Till the tempted life within me swoon, beneath the sensuous 
Swoon a moment, ere it flutter back to wakeful hours again. 
And my soul, impaled, and panting 'mong the captors, pleads 
      with thee, 
That thine arms uplift and bear me safely 'cross the thought- 
      ridged sea; 

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