Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Your candles, are they burning? Do you watch 
With girded loins, with anxious, hopeful hearts? 
The Lamb is slain, and if His saving blood 
Be on your lives, the angel wilt pass by, 
And with the rising sun you'll quit 
Your bondage for the precious Promised Land. 
KANSAS: 1874__1884. 

Written upon the departure of the corn train from El Dorado, for the relief of the Ohio 
flood sufferers, April 6th, 1884. ) 

1874__PER ASPERA. 

CHEERLESS prairie stretching southward, 
    Barren prairie stretching north; 
Not a green herb, fresh and sturdy, 
    From the hard earth springing forth; 
Every tree bereft of foliage, 
    Every shrub devoid of life, 
And the two great ills seemed blighting 
    All things in their wasting strife. 
As the human heart, in anguish, 
    Sinks beneath the stroke of fate, 
So at last, despairing, weary, 
    Bowed the great heart of our State; 
She had seen her corn blades wither 
    'Neath the hot wind's scorching breath; 
She had seen the wheat heads bending 
       To the sting of cruel death.   
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