Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


And the peaceful haze at yonder rim, 
    just kissing the prairie sea, 
Has a soft refrain for the song of life__
It whispers, "Beyond this earthly strife" 
    Lies the glorious rest to be." 
Can the youthful ears but catch the hymn, 
    Can the hearts its lesson glean, 
With What wealth of soul to the world they'll go 
From that earth-walled school room, cramped and low, 
    'Mid the hills of lustrous green. 
YON Peaks that Titan-like so high uplift 
    Their lordly heads above the rain and mist, 
Seen by a rich supernal splendor kissed; 
Some solar gold seems o'er their sides to sift, 
As glimpse we catch through lazy cloudlet's rift; 
But those whose paths do summitward insist 
Bring naught from all the slopes that. there exist 
But clay__dead clay, like that of lowland's drift.
So fortune's favored sons have to our eyes 
  Some seeming tinge of glory half divine, 
Yet Time, all__undeceiving guide, denies
That they but with a borrowed luster shine__
The dust in which their souls so proudly reign 
Is counterpart of ours that walks the plain.   
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