Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Sunk in ruins, thy palaces nestle 
    Where finny tribes fearlessly roam; 
Far above, thy rich fields the staunch vessel 
    Sails swift through the high-tossing foam: 
Thy monuments, fallen and shattered, 
    Can give to tradition no key; 
The thread of thy banners are scattered, 
    Lost Gem of the Sea, 
    Atlantis! Lost Gem of the Sea. 
Thy sons lie at rest 'neath the waters, 
    Their tombs 'mid the coral groves placed; 
And with them repose the fair daughters 
    Whose presence thy mansion-halls graced. 
All at peace are thy foes and defenders; 
    Side by side sleep the slave and the free; 
What now are thy kingdoms or splendors, 
    Lost Gem of the Sea? 
    Atlantis! Lost Gem of the Sea. 
What scenes of earth's newness elysian 
    Were rimmed by the curve of thy shore, 
Ere came mighty Nature's decision, 
    "Stand thou before heaven no more?" 
What tale of heroic endeavor, 
    What wisdom of wondrous degree,   
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