Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

Charles Moreau Harger
PROUD isle of the long distant ages, 
    Weird land of philosophers' dreams, 
Thy name, in all history's pages, 
    With mystical radiance gleams; 
Enchantment her glamour of glory 
    Has cast like a mantle o'er thee, 
As Time hath repeated thy story, 
    Lost Gem of the Sea, 
    Atlantis! Lost Gem of the Sea. 
Bright sunshine no more gilds thy mountains; 
    Thy slopes are enshrouded in night; 
Undiscerned are thy clear gushing fountains; 
    Once crowned With seven-hued light; 
All hushed are thy bird-notes, once gladly 
    Resounding o'er valley and lea; 
Slow tides through thy forests sweep sadly, 
    Lost Gem of the Sea 
    Atlantis! Lost Gem of the Sea. 
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