Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Prairie asters fringed and bright, 
Add to Autumn beauty-light; 
Down the valleys, on the hills, 
Fringing deep the prairie rills, 
Asters bright, you bring sweet cheer, 
Love to light the fading year. 

WHAT hast thou left, Old Year ? 
A grave that holds one ever dear, 
Where cherished dreams are laid away,__
December's chilled my buds of May: 
Thou left'st sere leaves and withered hopes, 
A sombre Vale where a shadow gropes; 
A deed undone, a sad regret 
That will not let my soul forget. 
What hast thou brought, New Year? 
Fair promise nipped by ghastly fear,__
Or will the flowers, that now seem dead, 
On Easter morn lift up their head 
And smile with resurrected life 
Of joy, where deadly pain and strife 
Had choked it out ? I still will hope, 
Though heart and soul 'mid shadows grope.   
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