Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


And while I steal this fond embrace, 
Within our old-time trysting place, 
      I know 't is wrong, so wrong, but yet, 
       Dear one, 't is sweet. 
Oh! canst thou from thy mind efface 
The wrong, and then with me retrace. 
      The dear old way where first we met, 
      When life was free from vain regret, 
And when-the years flew on space? 
       Dear one, "tis sweet. 
YES, love, 't is sweet, as sweet to me 
As it can ever be to thee, 
      Yet, lead me not too far astray 
      Thine heart is wild, my will is clay, 
But thou must wait till I am free. 
'T is hard, this stern captivity, 
This thralldom I couldst not foresee, 
      Oh! Would that.of it I could say, 
       "Yes, love, 'tis sweet." 
E'en though I yield in some degree, 
I cannot grant thy loving plea; 
      So tempt me not, I meekly pray. 
      Perhaps, dear heart, somewhere, some day, 
Before the world my song shall be: 
       "Yes, love, 'tis sweet."   
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