Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Visitor, heaven sent, I sue thee, 
Tho' my racking members rue thee, 
And my reason vain eschew thee__
      Sweet, sweet pain; 
Prythee, tell me ere thou leave me, 
For my sins weigh down and grieve me__
In thy arms will He receive me; 
      Sweet, sweet pain ? 
Peace! dear soul, the Savior hears thee, 
In the passion ever nears thee, 
On the changed cross uprears He__
      Sweet, sweet pain. 
Heavenly Father, if Thou willest, 
With my Lord, the cup Thou fillest, 
I will quaff, until Thou stillest 
      Sweet, sweet pain. 
BURDENS borne are soonest lightened; 
Darkest skies are soonest brightened; 
So the soul by faith is heightened; 
      Hope thou in God! 

OUTWARD and inward; ebbing and flowing; 
    Phases are myriad; life is but one; 
Circles concentric, meeting, and showing, 
    Higher than human, Nature hath none. 
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