Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


A voice within him spake:__
"Let the silent harp awake! 
Let the eye of faith perceive'! 
Let the one He loved believe 
In the risen Nazarene, 
Though His form is yet unseen." 
Then the Scripture poured its light; 
And the dawn trod on the night; 
And the effigies of grief 
Were the voice that brought relief. 
'T is a parable of love, 
Which the humblest soul may prove. 
Up, O heart! why dost thou grieve? 
Though unseen thou canst believe; 
And the Easter morning bring 
Blessings from the risen King: 

I was thoughtless till thou found me, 
Always heedless till thou bound me, 
Throwing loving arms around me, 
      Sweet, sweet pain. 
I was mortal, but I thought not, 
Rashly doing what I ought not, 
Ever willing what I Wrought not__
      Sweet, sweet pain.   
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