Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

34The Kansas Collection 


The Song of the Stars. 

The song of the stars,__the wondering stars!
The listening, glistening, diamond stars; 
      While the blithe, blue air 
      Calls everywhere; 
      To the hills and vales, 
      To the glades and dales; 
"List, list, to the gong of the wandering stars!" 
The shout of the stars,__the numberless Stars!
A glorified host with light-winged cars! 
      While the blithe, blue air 
      Calls everywhere; 
      Heralding far 
      The "Son of a Star!"__
The antiphone of the wondering stars! 
The sigh of the stars,__the increate stars!
The wistful, mystical, soulful stars! 
      While the blithe, blue air 
      Calls everywhere, 
      "Behold Judea's STAR!__
      Flashing his beams afar! 
      In his trigon of tears 
      A scepter he bears, 
And the fadeless crown of the increate stars!"   
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