Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner



THE challenge of the night's eternal bloom__
    Planet and sun; this speck on which we crawl 
In paths eccentric to our mystic doom__
Even as it, awhile in light, then gloom__
    With dark arcana filled, whose subtle thrall 
Doth bend us over rock and flower, and sweeps 
Our wondering souls thro' universal deeps 
    Straining to catch their meaning mystical, 
Are but as letters dimly streaming light 
On Love__of all, the essence infinite__
    The life of angels, and whose lack's the curse 
Of devils; but. to mortals left to know 
As both the bliss supreme and saddest woe, 
    Love is the secret of the universe. 
POETRY is the struggle of the soul 
      Toward angels' speech__the soul-divining rod,
Invoking from all deeps their bliss and dole, 
      And shadows of the mysteries of God. 
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