Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner



      LIFE is not a heavy load, 
      Need is not a cruel goad; 
A lighted plain, a fragrant path, 
      Dripping of the sacred blood 
      From the skies, a spirit flood, 
A laughing heart, the soul man hath. 
      Pain? A grief? A galling care? 
      Canst thou not a sorrow bear ? 
From that white throne of grace above; 
      Union with thy pain is sought, 
      Smiles from thee with blood are bought; 
Uplifting, woe-relenting love! 
      Fainting heart of worldly life, 
      Lift those brows above the strife; 
Uprise with joy, expanding Soul; 
      Virtue's grace and Purity's smile 
      Woes from out thy deep beguile,__
An Ocean of the light doth roll. 
      __Sad and melancholy heart,
      Pleasures are but pains in part; 
The smiles bring tears, kind words are hard, 
      warmth is heat, the heart doth sink, 
      Light and pain doth ever link 
O Heaven, God, this death retard!   
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