Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


And still we are one soul, by rood! 
    Thou does me good; uphelp'st me thou;__
The bad is swallowed in the good; 
    For I, in thee, art only thou! 

A LITTLE light so dimly shone 
That hardly was the dark dispelled; 
But, far away, a traveler lone 
    Its flickering, dying flame beheld. 
Discouraged, 'neath revolting sky, 
O'ercome by storm, about to die, 
The faint red ray renewed his heart,__
    He toiled anew, and found a way; 
That humble spark in humble part 
    Still driving forth its lurid ray. 
So, from the humblest human heart, 
    Some lambent beam__faint, lonely ray__
May fall on one, and hope impart 
    That gives that soul eternal day; 
For souls live not themselves alone, 
But intershine for laugh or groan; 
Each liquid ray, through joy profane, 
    May penetrate some darkened haunt, 
Where aching hearts, with racking pain, 
    Are dying for the hope they want.   
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