Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


    As VENUS walks the evening sky, 
      Fair queen o'er many a sister star, 
    O'er glows at morn, while shadows fly, 
      Bright herald of Apollo's care: 
So shines our Kansas__though radiant stars her sisters are,
She reigns for aye, a nation's vesper and auroral star! 
__Mary L. Bard.    

A NORWAY 1egend tells us how, when the earth was done, 
God called His angels to him; and lo ! it chanced that one 
Perceived one spot unfinished, and back to heaven went, 
And, to his Master's service, the best of heaven sent. 
So as the first is after, the last shall come before; 
Kansas got that blessing: what could she covet more ? 
__ Lillie Binkley.    

BROAD plains of Kansas, yoeman's pride, by battle stained, 
'T was here that outraged Freedom rose,when bondage waned. 
Thy sacred soil, O patriot land, is leader's ground, 
Where Moral Right her proud head rears, no longer bound; 
As first for Freedom, first for right, Godward we ken: 
Demanding courage, hero's ground, thou makest men ! 
__ Carl Brann.    

THE State, to Freedom sworn, that set the floods in motion, 
    Whose shoreless billows soon the Nation overran, 
And washed away the lie, fulfilled the fine devotion, 
    Writ in our fathers' vow of loyalty to man. 
__A. A. B. Cavaness.    
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