Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

 WILL. A. WHITE. 137

The han's 'ud wash there mornin's, an' the stock 'ud come at 
To drink ez fast ez Lige could pump an' work 'ith all his 
The cattle they'd injoy it, though, an' when they'd got enuff 
They'd stick their noses in the troft an' pull 'em out an' snuff. 
So when the stock 'ud go away, an' Lige was perty hot 
He'd stop the spout a runnin' 'ith his hand, ez like ez not; 
He'd pump a bit, then shet his eyes, an' put his mouth down 
An' drink a stream of gladness from 
the ol' 



An' when you had to prime it, then they was an awful fuss; 
The girls 'ud git the wotter pails and make a dredful muss, 
Spillin' more outside 'n in; you could hyur it splashin' down, 
Dashin' round aginst milk things 'ith a holler, far off soun'; 
Perty quick the pump 'ud sniffle; then he'd sorter turn an' 
Then, ez if he did n't like it, he 'ud jes' git up an' howl; 
An' before you hardly know'd it 'ud hyur a little thump, 
An the wotter 'ud be flowin' from 
the ol' 


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