Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Up the slew er round the ben', 'way from where the crowd is," 
Er some sich like words__an' then__well, you know jes' how
      't is__
Fer you orto see the ice,' sich days: 
Looks jes' like a nest of mice, runnin' ev'ry which ways. 
Ar debatin' club looks sick, fer 'bout ev'ry member 
Sneaks off down to Willer Crick, 'long about December. 
Afternoons when school is out, 'bout a hundred fellers, 
Rat'lin skates an' dinner pails, headed by Jack Sellers, 
Comes a-pilin' down the bank, an' before you know it 
Give their straps a twistin' yank, an' away they go it__
Some a-cuttin' curlycues, some a-playin' shinny, 
Some a-runnin' like the duce after little Skinny 
Johnson, who's a being "it" in some game erruther; 
Cross tag, mebbe__I fergit__can't tell which from tuther;
But they're having fun, you bet, more'n in September, 
Fur they do n't get overhet, 'long about December. 
Then the fellers with their girls, haint they more'n happy__
Girls 'ith cheeks an' lips so red, and 'ith eyes so snappy__
Skatin' up an' skatin' down, dodgin' folks 'at pass you; 
Skatin' where they's no un 'roun', no un to harass you. 
Willer Crick boys wa'nt' much good, 't raisin' Ned and larkin', 
But you bet they usta could beat the world a-sparkin'. 
They's a piece I heard tell of, 'says 'at young men's fancies 
Lightly turns to thoughts o' love, in the spring; the chances 
Are the reason this was sed, is 'at we remember 
In the spring the fun we've hed 'long about December.   
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