Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

Will. A. White.
    SENCE Idy's gone somehow you see 
    The hours is longer'n they usto be, 
An' days an' skies are duller, an' the night 
    Drips out in oozing seconds drearily 
At every hollow clock tick, till the light 
    Laps up the murky fancies wearily, 
And fever'd dreams 'at come long after dawn 
Mix up the happiness I hoped to see 
'Ith that great sorrow which is hantin' me: 
'At Idy's gone. 

    Sence Idy's gone I dist can't stay 
    In doors; it seems like ev'ry way 
I look I find some doin's 'at 'uz her'n: 
    Her apern mebbe, er the last croshay 
She done before she went; at eve'y turn 
    I run acrost her mem'ry, so's I say 
I keep out doors dist kindo's if I's drawn, 
    An' hang around the crick here ev'ry day; 
    But even it keeps singin' in its play 
'At Idy's gone. 


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