Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


It will never do to weaken, it is cowardice to fly them; 
Do like old Troilian Ajax__strike an attitude, defy them.
If we waver and fall back, Fate will ever then be urging 
Us like quarry slaves at nightfall, homeward to our dungeon 
              THE anchors are strong that hold the ships; 
                  The wire is strong that bridges the fall; 
              But all of their strength must suffer eclipse 
              Compared with the words of a woman's lips, 
                  For she binds the man that has made them all. 

              WE all believe in Kansas; she's our State, 
              With all the elements to make her great__
              Young men, high hopes, proud dreams 'tis ours to see 
              The State succeed to what the State should be. 
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