Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


If that flag goes down to ruin, time will then, without a warn- 
Turn the dial back to midnight, and the world must wait till 
*           *           * 

I can give you a prescription that will always make a hero: 
Go and get a full-fledged lover and reduce his hopes to zero: 
Get a man that loves a woman with devotion pure and steady. 
Let the woman "go back on him," and your hero is all ready. 
Now just turn him loose and watch him: see old Cerberus, 
      he cringes! 
See! the red-hot gates are beaten from their solid brazen 
And hell's blue platinum standards he is sabering into fringes. 
*           *           * 

All communities are cannon__intellect is ammunition;
Man is simply a projectile, flung with more or less precision, 
And the more you jam him down, if he only has the powder, 
Why, the higher up he goes and the gun it roars the louder. 
And the globe sight of that cannon is a woman, and her sta- 
Is to give the rash projectile proper flight and elevation__
To the sky or to the mud it must go at her dictation. 
*           *           * 

Any man is brave with money; braver far is he without it 
Who dares always act uprightly, and not fret himself about it. 
We should keep our faith and courage; if calamities assail us, 
If misfortunes swoop down on us, like the vultures of Stym- 
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