Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Human hopes and human creeds 
Have their root in human needs; 
And I would not wish to strip 
From that washerwoman's lip 
Any song that she can sing, 
Any hope that songs can bring; 
For the woman has a Friend 
Who will keep her to the end. 


IN that half-forgotten era, 
    With the avarice of old, 
    Seeking cities that were told 
    To be paved with solid gold 
In the kingdom of Quivera__
Came the restless Coronado 
    To the open Kansas plain 
    With his knights from sunny Spain; 
    In an effort, that, tho' vain, 
Thrilled with boldness and bravado. 
League by league, in aimless marching, 
    Knowing scarcely where or why, 
    Crossed they uplands drear and dry, 
    That an unprotected sky 
Had for centuries been parching. 
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