Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


       Hush-a-bye! hush-a-bye! 
Quickly pales this harvest moon, 
Life is all a jangled tune, 
Wake not from youth's dreams too soon__
       Hush, baby dear. 
Toil may hurt you, by and by; 
Joy bring heart break; laugh bring sigh__
Love bends low to soothe each cry. 
       Sleep, I am here! 
IN youth's new years of sowing time, 
All breezes blew with swing and rhyme; 
And onward, upward was the climb. 
What seas beyond those mountains lay; 
What triumphs, and crown wreaths of bay, 
Were mine, if dawned another day! 
Ah me! Unnumbered days have passed, 
And still uncrowned, unknown, at last 
I journey down the hillside fast. 
Snug in a home, my very own, 
A wife to make lone hours less lone, 
A little chi!d, bone of my bone.   
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