Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


But hark! a voice their sorrows stayed: 
    "It is I, be not afraid!" 
Though ships are tossing on the seas 
    Though winds are running wild and high, 
Though fishermen on Galilee 
    Are fearful when the storm is nigh 
0 deep His meaning ! more than said: 
    "It is I, be not afraid!" 
THE history of the human race 
    Is but a tragedy of tears! 
Man's life's a passing breath, I trace, 
    Where always jostle hopes and fears. 
As barque tossed by the stormy sea, 
  High on the foam-capped wave is hung, 
One moment more, and lost 't will be, 
    Engulfed for aye__by all unsung!
So man each hour stands on death's brink, 
    Unto himself a mystery! 
An instant stands, then down doth sink, 
    Lost in oblivion's somber sea.   
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