Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

 J. W. D. ANDERSON. 11

Yet sweet companionship made labor lighter, 
    And obstacles surmounted trained the feet 
For fresh exertions, and the way grew brighter, 
    Illumed by light that shone from Victory's seat. 
We stand together on the Mount of Vision, 
    And now we know the path our feet have trod 
Has led to Duty's fields, not fields Elysian, 
    And far above us stretch the heights of God. 
But toward those regions pure we turn our faces, 
    O comrades! May our life-work, just begun, 
Though other hopes the hand of Time erases, 
    Receive at last the Master's Word: "Well done." 

How hard it presses On work-weary shoulder? 
    How heavy lies upon thought-laden mind! 
    The sigh, the groan, the scalding tears that blind, 
The passions that within the heart's deep smoulder__
Like melted lava once, but now grown colder__
    Remembered scoffs and taunts and words unkind, 
    Yea, even joys, that passed and left behind 
Debris, within our being's core to moulder.   
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