Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Angelo parleyed with his foe; alas, was almost Won; 
Before him lay a crucifix with image of God's Son; 
He gazed at it and sprang erect;' hi, hands were clenched 
    with pain; 
His pale, set lips were stained with blood; he hissed, "What, 
    back again !" 
A shape unseen by other eyes 'stood plainly out for him; 
The Devil tried a saintly smile; it turned to demon's grin. 
The suppliant waited, but the priest dropped by his chair to 
When he uprose his hair so dark was turned to ashen gray. 
He kissed the crucifix and spoke: "In peace, my daughter, 
Baptised in Jesus crimson blood, your sins seem white as 
The rustle of her silken gown died out upon the:air; 
The priest had conquered, but the man lay fainting in his 
"And did he die?" I hear you ask. Ah, no, the verger came 
With holy water bathed his brow, the breath came back again; 
The aureole of whitened hair forevermore would be 
A signal from the heights of pain__a badge of victory,
He saw his Eve and was unmoved; she looked at him with 
The people talked among themselves and wondered what he 
That bleached his hair in one short night, and touched his 
    human face 
With such a holy, raptured look__almost a saint-like grace.  
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