Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner


Blest consummation! So to all will come 
    The answer to the longings of the heart__
Peace for our strivings, speech for lips now dumb, 
    And tears of joy for tears of pain that start; 
If not in his life then in life eternal; 
    If not in this world, then On heavenly shore; 
Our spirit cannot miss the bliss supernal; 
    God lives, is just, and will be evermore. 

(Class Poem. Class of '89, Baker University.) 

BEFORE us loomed the towering Mount of Vision; 
    We stood together at the very base, 
And, looking upward, made the firm decision 
    We'd test the rough ascent with even pace. 
We saw the beetling crags and deep recesses 
    O'er which our way must lie, but we were told 
That he who to the highest summit presses 
    Will see the gates to Elysian fields unfold. 
Hand joined in hand, we climbed the lofty mountain, 
    We passed the jutting crags and threatening peaks; 
No pleasant grove was there, nor cooling fountain, 
    Nor rest, save that which high ambition seeks.   
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