Poetry of Kansas

Ah, Why Not We?.

DEAR Love, where the soft winds round
        me blow
    And wave the boughs above,
Where the tufts of shadows to and fro,
    O'er the soft, green grasses move,
Today I sit and think of you,
    And dream of home and love.
Here a brook flows free thru a grassy dell,
    I am sitting by its side.
And its song so sweet on my ear doth dwell,
    In the sunny summer-tide.
Oh, Love, such rapture could not swell
    My soul, were love denied!
Here blossoms bloom, a damasked bower,
    Just at my side is near
With odors sweet, O golden hour,
    The gladdest of the year!
I wish, sweet, pretty little flower,
    My precious, you were here!
The birds are here in the noon-day sun,
    They twitter up in the tree.
Some sing in the sun their merry tune,
    Some flit thru the shade so free.
They love each other this dreamy June,
    They love,___Oh, why not we?

__Colfax Burgoyne Harman


Poems Of Sentiment
Colfax Burgoyne Harman
(Valley Falls, Kansas: Harman Publishing. 1905)
Pages 104-105

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