Poetry of Kansas

To The Snow.

Fair offspring of the clouded sky,
    Descending thru the wintry night,
Pray tell me whither do you fly,
    And why you take this frozen flight!
Can you within your aerial home
    No longer be content to dwell?
O tell me wherefore do you come,___
    And what has wrought this wandering spell.
O,___gently falling from the cloud,
    And mingling into misty spray,___
Uniting in one mighty shroud,
    That covers all this world of clay!
O, beauteous symmetric form,
    Little fairy flakes of snow;
The blossom of the wintry storm___
    Welcome to our world below!
When all the earth is cold and bare,
    Forsaken by its summer growth;
And frozen wastes lie every where,
    With surface rugged and uncouth,___
With pliant down you cover o'er___
    Each frozen waste conceal from sight,
And make the air all fresh and pure,
    The ground all clean and smooth and white.
Along the lane where oft we trod
    'Mid dusty gale we hoped would cease,___
O'er deepening mire. or frozen clod___
    We now may find our way in peace.
And, o'er your smooth and shining form,
    On courser fleet, or cutter light___
What care we for the wintry storm?
    We ride by day and glide by night.
The charger leaps his halter's length!
    And fiercely snuffs the wintry air;
In agony he gains in strength___
    Tethering drives him to despair.
At length he's free. The rein is slack,___
    Your soft, white cheeks the runners kiss,
As swiftly o'er the shining track
    We hurl in ecstasy and bliss.
With antelope leap,with reindeer bound,
    As swallow swift he flies along,
While striking with his foot the ground,
    In measure with our shout and song.
And all the while the sleighbells jingle,
    Jingle, jingle, thru the air___
Shouts and laughter all commingle
    In discordant music rare.
Such are the pleasures thou hast given
    Thru thy kindly presence here,___
Welcome visitor from heaven,
    May we oft thy blessings share.
And when the joys of life have vanished
    Swift before time's fleeting flight,
O may we rest___our labor finished___
    As peaceful as thy bosom white!

__Colfax Burgoyne Harman


Poems Of Sentiment
Colfax Burgoyne Harman
(Valley Falls, Kansas: Harman Publishing. 1905)
Pages 72-74

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