Poetry of Kansas

My Ship.

On a glad bright day in life's month of May,
    Hope whispered along the lea,
And I launched my ship for a treasure trip
    O'er a shining southern sea,
And I wait and I wait, but my ship and its
Have never come back to me.
Oh, warm was the wave, and my ship did lave
    Its sides in the silvery spray.
And the wind blew fair and sweet perfumes rare
    Were waft on the shores of May.
I plucked sweet flowers thru the balmy hours
    And basked in the sun's warm ray.
I dreamed on the lea and I dreamed that the sea
    Was bringing me home my prize,
And my life was gay and the month was May
    And I watched with eager eyes;
But the vision fled. Now my hope lies dead,
    As much that is holy lies.
My ship was lost. My treasure tossed
    Awhile on the stormy main,
But a pirate sail soon drew'in hail
    My precious freight to gain.
Hope's sun sank low___ah well I know
    It never can rise again!
That sea is life. 'Tis full of strife,
    By sin and grief engrossed.
That ship___my love___a white-winged dove___
    I cannot count the cost.
My priceless freight___my heart's young mate___
    The love I won and lost.

__Colfax Burgoyne Harman


Poems Of Sentiment
Colfax Burgoyne Harman
(Valley Falls, Kansas: Harman Publishing. 1905)
Pages 36-37

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