Poetry of Kansas

Hawaii Shall Be Free.

Tis custom common to mankind,
    From imbecile to sage,
Within the acts of men to find
    The index of the age.
In reading of Hawaii's war
    This fact has been disclosed,
Despotic rule must lose its power
    And monarchs be deposed.
And England's sun shall never shine
    O'er hills of Domnis' reign,
Nor Briton in his pomp recline
    Upon her sunny plain.
The queen is driven from the throne,
    The deep-voiced, distant sea
Is sounding in tremendous tone
    Hawaii shall be free.

__Colfax Burgoyne Harman


Poems Of Sentiment
Colfax Burgoyne Harman
(Valley Falls, Kansas: Harman Publishing. 1905)
Page 273

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