Poetry of Kansas

The First Easter.

It was a rose I found on the street,
    So crushed that I thought it dead; 
I laid to my cheek its wanness sweet; 
    I loved it for its lost red. 

But the rose's heart said to my heart, 
    "Your grief, dear, tell it to me." 
And my heart said to the rose's heart, 
    "It is dead, dear, dead. Let be." 
I know that grief always knows her dead 
    And answers or where or when; 
But O, the wonder! The red rose said, 
    "The dead, dear, they rise again. 

"I thought me dead on the pavement there, 
    Then you laid me to your face; 
I felt the warmth of your eyes and hair,__
    See, I breathe in Easter space !"

__Hannah Rea Woodman.

Poems by Hannah Rea Woodman
(Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: A. V. Haight & Company. 1909)
Page 18

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