Poetry of Kansas

Isn't It Strange.

ISN'T it strange that a woman should wear
    A shoe three sizes too small
And that she should color and dye her hair,
    And powder and paint to beat all
And wear a corset that is so tight
    She can hardly get her breath,
Then go to a fancy Ball at night
    In such a living death
Isn't it strange that a man should fall in love
    With such a creature as this
And willingly give his interest in heaven above
    To steal from her lips a kiss
Two fools have met, and the better for it,
    For it might have been a great deal worse
If each would have married the opposite,
    And on sensible heads brought a curse.

__Hulda Fetzer.

Hulda Fetzer
(Independence, KS: ___. 1906)
Page 71

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